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Look Left

I am afraid
I am sad
I am tired
I am angry
I am in pain
I am frustrated
I am feeling sick
I am dizzy
I am hot cold
I am choking
I am short of breath
I am Hungry

Look Right

How am I doing
Want to lie situp
Want lights off/on
Want suction
What time
Want to lie down
Call light remote
Want lips moistened
Whats happening
Want to go home
Want water
Want to sleep
Want to come back
Want tv video
Want glasses
Want sound on off
right arrow
How To
Look to the left and right to select elements on that side. Blink left or right eye to pause. The sound on/off icon will turn the sound on and off. You can also connect several icons to external bluetooth hardware to turn on a light or call the nurse. We currently support Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac.

Frame rate and camera selector
The Communication Board was created by Dr. Adam Delora and Dr. Jeffrey Ebin
Contact for more information
Some of the pictographic symbols used are the property of the Government of Aragón and have been created by Sergio Palao for ARASAAC, that distributes them under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA. Please visit for more information.